Who Is 502 Plumbing?

Locally owned and operated, 502 Plumbing is led by Anthony Newton, a master plumber with 20 years of experience. In those 20 years he watched small businesses across the state succumb to corporate ownership. Large corporations purchasing these small local businesses everyday, allowing them to keep their name, image & likeness because of their foothold in the community and large client base they have accrued over the years. This inspired him to open 502 Plumbing LLC. Established in the heart of Hardin County, Anthony and his skilled team provide top-notch plumbing services across five counties, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


502 Plumbing's presence is a familiar sight, offering a comprehensive range of plumbing solutions. Anthony Newton and his management team bring over two decades of expertise to every job, ensuring quality and reliability. At 502 Plumbing, we're dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, aiming to be your go-to plumber for every need.


We stand out by offering personalized service that caters to your specific plumbing requirements, whether it's a routine check-up or an emergency call.  We are family owned and operated. Not a franchise. Our transparent pricing and customer-centric approach mean you're always in good hands.


And when plumbing issues arise, just remember: "Got a leak you need to stop? Call on Drip the Water Drop."

Our Code of Ethics

Our Commitment to Customers:

- We commit to thoroughly understanding each customer's needs, ensuring our services bring meaningful benefits.
- Our work will always comply with, or exceed, established technical standards.
- We pledge to serve our customers with honesty, expertise, and a straightforward approach.
- We will treat every customer's property with utmost respect, maintaining cleanliness and order.
- We promise to deliver on our commitments, providing added value through our services.

Our Employee Philosophy:

- Assignments will be based on employees' skills and knowledge, ensuring the right fit for each job.
- We value our employees' satisfaction as highly as customer service and our profitability, aiming for a triple win scenario.
- Continuous training is a priority, fostering a culture of high performance and expertise.

Our Professional Responsibility:

- Our commitment is to stand by our work, maintaining honesty in all service aspects.
- Quality service is our signature, handling callbacks promptly to minimize customer inconvenience.
- We undertake tasks that match our experience and skills, upholding our professional integrity.
- We engage in honest advertising and maintain professionalism towards clients, colleagues, suppliers, and the public.
- We uphold our industry's standards, avoiding any actions that could undermine our profession.

Our Financial Ethics:

- We recognize our right to ethical earnings, balanced with delivering genuine value to our customers.
- Fees are agreed upon transparently with customers, reflecting the service quality and responsibility undertaken.
- Sustaining a profitable business is essential, ensuring we can serve our employees and families responsibly.

Our Social Responsibility:

- We share knowledge on environmental and technological advancements, contributing to public safety and health.
- As responsible corporate citizens, we are committed to community well-being.
- Ethical breaches in our code are taken seriously and will be reported, ensuring our collective integrity.